Thursday 25th September 2008
The brand new racing car of  A1 TEAM MONACO  is revealed!

  Clivio Piccione and Hubertus Bahlsen are proud to reveal in its world premier, the single seater racing car wich will represent the Principality of Monaco worldwide competing in the 4th season of the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport wich will be Powered By Ferrari.

  The driver Clivio Piccione will be the only person in the history of the A1GP series to take on the dual role of the racing driver as well as Seat Holder. He has enjoyed the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II throughout his career, from his early days in karting competitions.                 

2008 / 2009 SEASON'S FIXTURE LIST:                                                                  VIDEO

- DATE                                           - EVENT   - DATE                                         - EVENT                                                     
 1)    05 October      2008           
 A1GP Zandvoort,  Netherlands.    
   6)   22 February 2009  A1GP Gauteng,       South Africa.
 2)    09 November 2008           
 A1GP Chengdu,   China.                     7)   15 March 2009  A1GP Mexico City,  Mexico.
 3)    23 November 2008  A1 GP Sepang,    Malaysia.    8)   29 March 2009  TB A.
 4)    25 January     2009  A1GP Taupo,        New-Zealand.    9)   12 April    2009  A1GP Algrave,         Portugal..
 5)    08 February   2009  A1GP Jakarta,      Indonesia.   10)  03 March 2009  A1GP Taupo,           New Zeland.